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Until I stumbled upon the Wolf's book, I had never been able to get a mint condition 1888 Springfield Rifle to shoot anywhere accurately! For anyone shooting the Trap Door Springfield, this book is an absolute must. For anyone interested in how the Frankford Arsenal used to make the .45-70 ammo and the improvements thereof, the book is essential. I have two copies of the book, the original edition and the later revised edition which is currently available.The book has helped me win more than a few bets from people who doubted the Trap Door's ability to shoot accurately. Although Jack passed away several years ago the book is a fitting memorial to his memory and his efforts to resurrect the long lost knowledge of making the ammo for the Trap Door that allows it to shoot with great accuracy.

Tom Pearson (Review from Amazon.com)

Wolf's Western Traders
I recently purchased your great book and am slowly working my way through it. I find myself concentrating as much as I used to in college, a looong time ago.
I started out in the book but jumping here and there getting the highlights, but am now giving it a serious read to ground myself in the principles before jumping into reloading black powder.
I would like to say that I've been interested in shooting for over 50 years and have in that time come across a lot of "experts" who often misled me when I was younger, and as the years progressed I learned to tune out the bs artists. Your book is like a breath of fresh air. There can actually be intelligent, articulate, and insightful people in this sport. I have have really valued the quotes at the start of each chapter. Those, and the quality and clarity of writing have already got me thinking of Spencer with regret as one of those persons who got away before I had a chance to meet him. Your book at this time in my life has been a real find. Thank you. Best Wishes, Dave Parks
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